Do any of these sound like your life situation?…

  • ¨ I was not raised Christian or was raised Christian but never baptized—This could be for you!
  • ¨ I was raised Christian and baptized but I would like to explore becoming a full member of the Catholic faith—This could be for you!
  • ¨ I was baptized Catholic but never celebrated the Sacraments of Confirmation and/or Eucharist—This could be for you!

Christian Initiation

The Rite of Christian and Initiation of Adults (referred to as RCIA) is about facilitating the process of conversion for those not fully initiated in the Church. As the Spirit works individually, we too recognize the process of conversion as unique to each individual. While many activities in the RCIA take place as a group, we also strive to meet individual where they are in their relationship with Christ.

The RCIA process involves several stages, the first of which is called the Period of Inquiry. Learning about the faith is a lifelong process but in these sessions, those who were baptized but never celebrated Confirmation and Eucharist as well those who were never baptized are invited to explore various facets of the Catholic faith over several weeks.

Opportunities for Existing Catholics to take part:

Please look over the following list and see if there may be a place for you to be more involved in this R.C.I.A. process this year:

  • Sponsors: A sponsor is an active member of the parish who walks with the candidate on the journey to new, fuller life in Christ. He/she serves as the candidate’s personal connection to the parish.
  • Team members/catechists: Helps to plan presentations on the various topics of interest to the adultlearners, breaks open scripture with participants on Sunday mornings or works with the children of those considering entering the church.
  • Prayer partners: Everyone can participate by making a commitment to hold those in the process in prayer and perhaps even drop them a note letting them know of your prayers.

For additional information contact Fr. Len Fecko

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