Parish Advisory Council

The purpose of the Parish Advisory Council is to advise the pastor in the financial actions taken to carry out the mission of the Church, to plan ways for the parish to carry out the mission of the Church, and to promote the spiritual growth of the parish community. The Council’s chief task is to assist the pastor in parish renewal and in accomplishing the spiritual mission of the parish.

Finance and Parish Councils have been combined, as of May, 2019.
A Finance Council is required by Canon Law, but a Parish Council is not. Because of the size of our parish, and the limited number of committees and commissions that we have, Fr. Len has decided that it will be a better use of our time to combine the human resources of both committees.
The new council will meet four times per year unless an emergency meeting is required. Subcommittees will be formed/confirmed that will work on specific projects, including Good Friday, Festival, Buildings & Grounds, Development and Community Life.

Other parishioners are invited to serve on these committees.
If you are interested in serving on the new Advisory Committee,
please contact Fr. Len for more information.
If you have any questions or comments for us, please email
Standing meeting: fourth Tuesday at 6:30: January, April, August and November (month may vary as needed)

Council members:
Anita and Michael Brill – Good Friday
Dennis Daugherty – Liturgical Ministry
Jenny and Glenn Graf – Fundraising
Gregg Herrmann
Eric Koren
Susan and Brian Miller – Young Adult Ministry
Bill Moran – Finance
Steve Nickolas – Council Chair
Mimi and Pete Prokop – Weddings
Alice Rogers Uhl – Development
Tina Russo – Festival
Eric Soper
Mario Zuccarello

Charlie DeZarn attends as Parish Accountant
Amy Obermeyer attends as Secretary

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