Marriage Preparation

Marriage Preparation Programs

One of the requirements for couples preparing for a wedding in Holy Cross-Immaculata Parish is an “on your own” component, such as Natural Family Planning, Pre-Cana, Engaged Encounter or other, similar programs.

 You are required to take two marriage prep courses.
Select one from each group. 

 Pick One From This Group

Natural Family Planning classes explain both the NFP method, as well as give insight into the spirituality of  being open to our vocation as life-givers, and discerning the natural indications of the woman’s fertile and infertile periods. NFP particularly strengthens marriages for two reasons: it involves some self-denial and it requires both spouses to work together (

 God’s Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage. This is offered by Ruah Woods, a Cincinnati organization focusing on Catholic teaching on family and marriage. It presents spiritual and practical resources for a successful Catholic marriage (

 Pick One Form This Group

Pre-Cana is a daylong (usually Saturday) menu of various talks related to practical issues arising in marriage, particularly for newlyweds. It includes a brief introduction to NFP.  For dates and locations in Ohio: For dates and locations in northern Kentucky:

Engaged Encounter is a weekend “mini-retreat” that focuses on personal issues and communication.  Archdiocese of Cincinnati/Diocese of Covington:

 The On-line Pre Cana course below must be approved by your presider or marriage preparation coordinator.

Online On-demand Pre-Cana. Very comprehensive. Well suited to couples who may be living in different parts of the country (

 If you find other programs and wonder if they would be acceptable, please contact Father Fecko at Holy Cross-Immaculata.  It would be great to learn of other programs that might be helpful to couples!

 (All information correct as of December 17, AD 2013.)

Personality Inventory

As couples prepare for marriage, each party completes an online assessment known as the FOCCUS Inventory. FOCCUS stands for “Facilitate Open, Caring, Communication, Understanding and Study.” The parish will register you and your fiancé and you will be notified via email and provide individual instruction on logging into your inventory session.  After the online assesment is completed the engaged couple has two meetings with a married couple who has been trained in facilitating dialog based on the results of the assesment. More information can be found on the FOCCUS homepage.

Other Information Resources

An initiative of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, this website offers a large variety of information related to marriage in general as well as Catholic marriage in particular.

Marriage Preparation Outside the Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Couples that participate outside the Archdiocese of Cincinnati will comply with all requirements of the respective arch/diocese.  Your completed marriage file will be forwarded to the local arch/diocese and in turn forwarded to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  Couples are urged to track their file through this process to ensure receipt by HCI. Remember  NO MARRIAGE FILE – NO WEDDING – NO EXCEPTIONS

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