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Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. We at Holy Cross – Immaculata Parish certainly want to do all we can to assure that your wedding will be a sacred and memorable occasion. We wish to support you in this part of your journey of faith. Married couples are a sacramental sign to the world of God’s love and faithfulness. We are thankful that you will be that sign for us.

To be married in the Church is a sign to the community at large that the bride and groom are persons of faith and they wish God’s blessing on their marriage. Your desire for a church wedding should reflect your commitment to your Christian faith and the practice of your religion.

Because marriage is such an important and sacred step in your lives, it is essential there be some form of reflective preparation. This preparation is a discernment process in which the irrevocable consent of the sacrament may be freely chosen, maturely considered, and clearly understood. Throughout this process, the parish community and its ministers will be assisting you.

If either party has been married before: HCI must receive a letter from the couples pastor or deacon stating that they are free to marry. For an annulment, contact the pastor from the church where you are registered. NO DATE MAY BE DISCUSSED UNTIL BOTH PARTIES HAVE BEEN DETERMINED AS FREE TO MARRY. NO EXCEPTIONS

Couples are encouraged to contact the parish six months to one year in advance of their desired wedding date. Please contact the parish office at 513 721 6544 or via email at to receive information on requirements to hold/book your wedding date.

To Schedule Your Wedding Date: If the couple is free to marry, email initial info to Your chosen date and time may be put on hold for 30 days, giving you time to mail to HCI the following documents: Please collect all forms prior to submission
Permission: Each Catholic party must obtain a letter of permission from their pastor(s) of the parish(es) where they are currently registered granting permission for them to marry at HCI. (Canon 1114 and 1115) 
Presider: The couple must secure a priest/deacon to preside at their wedding prior to booking their wedding date. The couple must have their presider complete the Presider From and submit to HCI as part of their document package.
Note: If your presider is not conducting your wedding preparation, the priest/deacon/lay minister will complete a second copy of the presider form, attesting that you are free to marry and that he/she will conduct your marriage preparation.
Baptismal Certificates: Catholic bride/groom must contact their church of baptism and obtain a newly issued baptismal certificate.

Couple Information Form: Complete and submit the M-1 form with required documents
Schedule a Meeting with Pastor, Fr.Len Fecko: All couples wanting to marry at HCI must meet with our Pastor regardless if he or an outside priest/deacon is presiding at your wedding.
When all required documents are received you will receive an email instructing you to contact Fr. Len to schedule a meeting. If all documents are received and your meeting with Fr. Len is more than the 30 day hold window, your date will continue to be held.
Attend a marriage prep program: prepare yourselves for the commitment of marriage

Other documents may be required at the discretion of HCI Pastor/Deacon.

Wedding Policies Please click “2017 Wedding Procedures and Policies

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