Praying The Steps – FAQ

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Where do I start the steps?
There are three phases of the Good Friday steps. The most popular phase begins on St. Gregory and ends at Holy Cross-Immaculata Church
– Phase One: Riverside Drive (across from Montgomery Inn) to Columbia Parkway
– Phase Two: Columbia Parkway (cross pedestrian bridge) to Hill St. (It is a short walk from the Hill St steps to St Gregory)
-Phase Three (94 steps): St. Gregory to Holy Cross-Immaculata Church (30 Guido St) 

How do I “pray the steps”?
Holy Cross-Immaculata’s offers these suggestions for Praying the Steps. (They can also be applied to other settings.)
Pray the Rosary. Pray a Hail Mary on each step leading up to the church.
• Pray another favorite prayer of your own.
• Pray on each step, “Lord Jesus, thank you for your most holy sacrifice.”
• Reflect on the events of Jesus’ betrayal, arrest, persecution and crucifixion. (Another Way of the Cross)
• Read the Gospel of Luke from the beginning of Chapter 22 through Chapter 23, reading a few sentences on each step.
• Simply pray in your own words, talking and listening to God.

How long does it take “pray the steps”?
There are approximately 100 steps from St. Gregory to Holy Cross-Immaculata.  The timing really depends on how you pray the steps.  Also a factor is the number of pilgrims- at some points on Good Friday the line can be long to begin the last phase on St. Gregory. There usually are no lines at the first (Riverside Dr.) or second phases (Columbia Parkway).

Do you pray out loud while “praying the steps”?
Prayers are said in silence.  However at midnight on Good Friday after the Celebrant blesses the pilgrims he and the pilgrims ascend the steps and all join in the reciting the rosary.

What time does it start? Can I come anytime?
At approximately 11:30pm the faithful gather in Holy Cross-Immaculata Church. Shortly before midnight the Celebrant will begin the service and then process (rain or shine) down the steps to St. Gregory St. At midnight the Celebrant will bless the steps and pilgrims and ascend the steps reciting the rosary.
Pilgrims will climb the steps continuously throughout Good Friday into the night.

Do I have to be Catholic to “pray the steps”?
No. All are welcome.

Will there be Confessions?
Yes, as priests are available. Volunteers in the welcome tent can help you once you reach the top of the steps.

Where do I park?
The parish has a very small parking lot so we do not recommend attempting to park at the Church.  Since this day is a work day for many Mt. Adams residents, on-street parking is often available. Parking availability is very fluid.
There is a parking garage at the corner of St. Gregory and Monastery, and a free surface lot near the entrance to the Art Museum.
To avoid parking challenges, consider parking downtown Cincinnati and utilizing Metro. Metro Bus #1 (Mt. Adams–Eden Park–Museum Center) picks up at Government Square and comes within a few neighborhood blocks of the Church/steps.

Do you have a fish fry on Good Friday?
Yes. The HCI Fish Fry is from 3:00pm to 7:00pm.  We offer breaded cod with sides, desserts and drinks.

Donuts and coffee are also available in the Parish center in the morning.

LaRosa’s Pizza (from the Hyde park location) is offered from 11:00am until 3:00pm.

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If you have further questions please feel free to call the parish office at 513/721-6544.

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