Good Friday – Praying the Steps

Good Friday1

The Catholic Conference of Ohio, chaired by Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, has released a statement extending the temporary suspension of all publicly celebrated Masses and liturgies through and including Sunday, May 3.

Good Friday Services are canceled. The Church will be closed.
All hospitality at Holy Cross – Immaculata is canceled.

“At 12:01 A.M. each year on Good Friday in Cincinnati, Ohio, something extraordinary happens. People begin to gather at the base of the steps leading up to Holy Cross-Immaculata Church in Mt. Adams, preparing to take part in the tradition known locally as “Praying the Steps.”
Susan Hines-Brigger, St. Anthony Messenger

Read the History of Good Friday at Immaculata Church here

We invite you to come to Holy Cross-Immaculata Church on Good Friday and experience the gathering of the faithful to pray, reflect and reconnect.  One must personaly experience to truly appreciate being part of thousands gathered in faith and prayer.  Inspiring! Visit the FAQ page for more information on what happens for the full 24 hours of Good Friday every year.

2011 video about our Good Friday tradition

2020 Holy Week Schedule

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