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When Archbishop Purcell decided to build a shrine in honor of the Blessed Mother, he chose Mt. Adams because it was one of the highest points that overlooked downtown Cincinnati. Immaculata became the church that served the German speaking immigrants, but because there were many Irish immigrants who lived on the Hill, soon Holy Cross Church was built.  For over one hundred years, the thriving family-oriented Mt. Adams neighborhood was self-sufficient and provided all the  services the families needed.  At one time there were five grocery stores, a dry goods store, and two fruit stores.  There was also a bakery, a drycleaner, a shoemaker, a movie theatre, and Mt. Adams had its own bowling alley!

image by Dave Newman

By 1970 the demographics of Mt. Adams had changed significantly.  Fewer families were living on the Hill, and the catholic population decreased significantly.  Now only one church serves 250 families.  That is why we are now asking for the support of the larger community.  We want this sacred shrine to be a place where people come to pray for another hundred years! 


1. Join the Tree of Life Honor & Memorial Society

The addition of the new display in the church makes it possible to remember loved ones who have died or honor current friends and family.  A donation of $1,500 will honor someone you love for years to come.

2. Buy a Rosary

Our new custom-designed rosaries depict the  beautiful artwork of the church.  They are a lasting keepsake and a wonderful gift for anyone who has a special devotion to the Blessed Mother or who has enjoyed visiting this sacred shrine. 
The rosaries come in three different colors. Visit or call the Parish Office, or order one of our Holy Cross – Immaculata Parish Rosaries on our WeShare site:

We also have HCI polos, intention candles and books on the history of Holy Cross – Immaculata Parish available for sale. Stop by the Parish office to get yours.

3. Be an Angel

You can be an Angel of the Shrine
by making a contribution of any amount.

Please tell us “I’m an Angel” in the note.

An HCI custom rosary will be included for each donation of $100 or more.
For donations of $1500 or more, consider adding a leaf to our Tree of Life.
The category of angel reflects the amount of your donation:

Angel: any amount up to $50
Archangel:  $50-$100
Cherubim: $100-$250

Seraphim: $250-$500
Hosts: $500-$1,000
Powers: $1,000-$1,500
Thrones: $1,500-$2,500
Dominions: $2,500

Visit the Parish office today or call 513-721-6544

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