It is a long standing teaching in the Catholic Tradition that marriage creates a bond that is lifelong and cannot be broken. There are those cases, where in looking back, it becomes apparent that something was missing from the relationship at the time of the marriage. Because of this missing element, there is reason to say that the marriage was not sacramentally valid. This process is known as an annulment and any prior marriage must be annulled in order to remarry in the church.

Its commonplace for the process to take up to a year for the annulment process to be completed. The parish is unable to schedule a wedding date until the annulment process is complete. Individuals needing to have a prior marriage annulled should contact a priest of deacon in the parish in which they are registered.  Holy Cross-Immaculata parishioners previously married and requiring an annulment should contact our Pastor, Fr. Len Fecko at the parish office for more information.

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