160 Years Since the faithful began Praying the Steps


All Good Friday plans are canceled
due to the directives of the governor,
the Ohio bishops, and the mayor of Cincinnati.

The Catholic Conference of Ohio, chaired by Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, has released a statement extending the temporary suspension of all publicly celebrated Masses and liturgies through and including Sunday, May 3.

See Resources to celebrate Mass from the Catholic Telegraph.

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The first mass at Immaculata was celebrated on Sunday, December 9, 1860, six years after Pope Pius the IX’s Proclamation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. This year, we are celebrating 160 years since that first Mass here at the “Archbishop’s Church.” Make plans now to Pray the Steps with us on Good Friday, April 10. “Sponsor” our efforts financially, to host thousands of pilgrims after Praying the Steps, on our WeShare page.

The practice of requesting a Mass to be offered for loved ones is a beautiful and wonderful part of our Catholic tradition. To request a Mass Intention, please contact Sharon in the parish office.

Visit or call the Parish Office to order one of our Holy Cross – Immaculata Parish Rosaries. They will be available with clear or blue cut glass beads, or hematite stones. Each Our Father bead features two images from actual paintings/photographs of our Church. Visit the “Be an Angel” page to purchase rosaries.

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